Bob's Discount Furniture Donates $1,000 to CRAS
Posted on 05/27/2014
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Applegate was one of a few schools in Freehold Township that was recently visited by a representative from Bob's Discount Furniture.  She certainly looks familiar and you may recognize her too, but from where?  She is Cathy Poulin, Bob's "Stage Wife" on the furniture store's commercials and the company's Outreach Director. A new store is opening up in Freehold Township (in the mall complex next to Dick's Sporting Goods) and Cathy surprised Mrs. Winters & Mr. Millaway (pictured above with Cathy Poulin) with a check for one thousand dollars ($ 1,000).  The funds have been allocated for the Outdoor Classroom, a location that has been buzzing with an assortment of learning activities over the past few months. C. Richard Applegate School would like to thank Cathy, Bob and everyone at Bob's Discount Furniture for their generous donation.  In addition to CRAS, a few other schools received a similar donation and the Freehold Township Education Foundation received a five thousand dollar check from Bob's Outreach Program.  At a recent FTS Board Meeting we learned that Bob is dedicated to helping our schools and would like to participate in the mission of the Education Foundation.  Including these donations, Bob’s has given more than $55,000 in checks and in-kind contributions to New Jersey schools and community organizations since the start of 2013. These donations came from the company and its Bob’s Outreach program, which supports schools and non-profit groups in the communities where it operates, as well as from customer donations to collection jars located in the cafes found in every Bob’s store.
Please visit Bob's new location and thank them for supporting our schools.  The new 29,950-square-foot store, located at 500 Trotters Way, Unit No. 2 in the Freehold Raceway Village shopping center, is expected to add 28 new jobs to the local economy, including 18 sales associates. 

Bob's Discount Furniture was started in 1991 with one store in Newington, Connecticut.   The ''Come on Down'' and ''Gotcha'' commercials started in 1992.Bob Waving

In the years since, more stores have been opened making Bob's Discount Furniture the 63d largest furniture company in the nation.

The commercials that have fueled the remarkable growth are about as elemental as can be. They are written and produced by Bob and a few colleagues.

He's the guy in the commercials, some 500 a week, passionately telling, sometimes yelling, about the bargains at Bob's Discount Furniture. Again, and again and again, day and night, he appears, pitching living and bedroom sets, usually ending with an invitation to ''Come on Down'' or that he's ''Gotcha'' by the low prices and high quality.

Bob’s Outreach program was created as a separate entity to help schools and children-related charities. Every year the company donates more than $100,000 to schools and more than $1.5 million to charities through these programs. For more information on Bob’s charitable programs, visit, and follow them on Twitter @MyBobs and @MyBobs_Charity and on Facebook