School Violence Awareness Week
Posted on 10/14/2013
chool Violence Awareness Week
National School Violence Awareness Week
C. R. Applegate School

October 2013
During the week of October 21-25 in 2013, all school districts and charter schools are required to observe School Violence Awareness Week. Applegate staff and students will be recognizing this week in a number of ways: 

School Wide
*Monday: “Being Violence-Free is No Sweat” and students / staff may wear sweats to school. 

All teachers will lead discussions and engage the students in activities revolving around the theme of anti-violence. A strategy that will be introduced to students is the “Stop, Walk, Talk” Response to a problem. This strategy is a method of bully-prevention and conflict resolution through Positive Cyber-Bullying.

Assembly for Fifth Graders
Monday, October 21 at DDES

Fifth Grade Future Leaders
Fifth grade Future Leaders will read stories revolving around the theme of anti-violence to several classes. These stories will highlight ways to show anger without verbally or physically hurting 
others, as well as show ways to peacefully handle conflicts disagreements. 

Law Enforcement
Officer Marty Boutoute will be invited to read Enemy Pie by Derek Munson to students in Grade 2.

Click here to download a sample lesson plan for 
Bully Prevention in Positive Behavior Support