Slim Good Body visits Applegate
Posted on 10/11/2013
Slim Good Body
"LU" Lighten Up is the program for 3-5 
and "MHS" Musical Health Show is for K-2

Lighten Up is a highly interactive musical performance designed to teach children the value of exercise and good nutrition in a non-threatening manner. With the number of overweight children tripling in the past twenty years, America is now home to over 9 million overweight kids. This program, along with the activities below, will teach children risk factors involved with being overweight, explain how calorie intake needs to match the number of calories burned, and explore ways to stay fit and healthy with good nutrition and exercise. The activities can be utilized before or after the program as reinforcement, depending on your schedule and curriculum needs. Please copy this guide for all of the teachers with students in attendance.

Applegate teachers and students would like to thank the PTO for sponsoring this assembly.