Wave of Exercise - 8:20 AM - October 2nd
Posted on 09/30/2014
Watch a group of fifth graders lead their classmates and teachers in a Wave of Exercise
Students took part in a “Wave of Exercise” on Thursday, October 2, 2014 as Applegate School participated in Exercise US. Exercise US began six years ago as a way to motivate children to become physically fit and healthy by making fitness fun. The concept behind Exercise US is that 
students across the country will be participating in 10 hours of continuous exercise.

Each school signed up for a 15 minute time slot. When the time is up, another school started their exercise. Exercise US began at 8am (east coast time) and ended at 3pm (west coast time). Our time was 8:20 am.

Leveraging the power of technology, students exercised in their classroom while watching a simulcast of 5th grade students, under the direction of CRAS' physical education teachers, planned the exercise routine and shared the responsibility of leading the Wave of Exercise.  Take a look at the video recording below and join the 5th graders in a five minute exercise routine.  

We encourage you to discuss the benefits of exercise and healthy life choices with your children!

- Mrs. Polakowski & Mr. Eigner

For more information on the Wave of Exercise program please click the banner below.

- Mrs. Polakowski and Mr. Eichner

Wave of Exercise